Competency-Based Team Evaluation

The purpose of a competency-based evaluation is to see handler-animal teams' readiness to do their work within the visiting context.

The evaluation is intended to look very much like a typical visit. The scenarios and interpersonal dynamics may happen in any order, yet the principles of effective teamwork remain the same.

One evaluation included in the workshop fee.

Evaluation Date:
June 17, 2017

Registration Deadline:
June 3, 2017

Location: Details to follow when registration is received

Competency-Based Evaluation Registration Form

Time: Evaluation times will be scheduled after the registration, indemnity forms and fees (if applicable) are received.
By Appointment Only/Pre-Registration Required

MSTD Renewals: No Charge - but ALL NEW OR RENEWING Therapy Teams must register the paperwork to reserve a time slot - No Exceptions
Screening Fee: $30 for others or second evaluation